Storm restoration company gives tips to prevent flooding damage

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COLUMBIA - As home and business owners across mid-Missouri deal with flooding, restoration companies are swamped with increased business.

Even if a little bit of water seeps through during a flood, it can cause major problems in a home. Reggie Kinser from ServiceMaster of Columbia said if people try to use a Shop-Vac to get water out of their carpet, it might not be enough to stop flooding problems from progression.

"Don’t be deceived into thinking that just because you’ve sucked up what you can see that everything’s going to be okay," Kinser said. 

He said there are a few things people can do to prevent flooding on their property.

“Make sure your gutters are clean because there’s a tendency to have build up over the winter," Kinser said. "If that happens, the gutters then overflow. The water can’t get out so it just comes out in various places around the home."

He also said using piping that leads away from downspouts is important to make sure water stays away from foundation.

Intrusive animals can make flooding worse.

"Another thing that we see sometimes is tunneling from gophers and moles and if that comes up close to the foundation, water’s going to come down, get’s into tunnels, comes back towards the foundation and it’s in your home,” Kinser said. 

The slope of the foundation can cause flooding to get worse, according to Kinser. This is something that is usually handled by a professional. If the grade away from the foundation is at a 15 percent slope, it can carry water away from the foundation more easily.

Kinser said anyone affected by flooding, no matter how big or small, should contact a restoration and have the damage looked to make sure the home is completely dry. 

"If you don’t, two or three days down the road, you’re going to have a horrible odor and then a few days later you’re going to have mold growth,” he said.