Streets pre-treated for anticipated snow

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COLUMBIA - On Thursday and Friday, Columbia crews started treating roads in anticipation of Saturday snow.

KOMU 8 Weather predicts snow will develop over mid-Missouri late Saturday morning. The National Weather Service expects 2 to 3 inches of snow.

Scott Bitterman serves as the street manager for Columbia Public Works. He said three pre-treatment trucks have focused on hilly and curvy roads, as well as bridges both Thursday and Friday. 

"Those areas can get the most slick, and it takes time for people to adjust to the winter-weather conditions," Bitterman said. "But we use salt brine mixed with beet juice to pre-treat the roads, and that melts the ice and snow, preventing it from bonding to the roadway."

Bitterman said the city of Columbia has 5,000 tons of salt sitting in a storage facility. He said the city allocates funds to buy salt every year.

Crews will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday in anticipation of the snow. Approximately 30 snow trucks and 40 road crews will be standing by, waiting for the weather.