Students have new sobriety housing option at Mizzou

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri is now offering students recovering from alcohol or substance abuse a sober housing option.

Students who apply to Mizzou's Recovery-focused Sober Housing, will have the opportunity to live among other students working to overcome issues with alcohol and substance use.

Located in Discovery Hall, eight spaces in the double-suite styled dorm have so far been set aside in anticipation for the upcoming school year.

The director of the university's Wellness Resource Center, Kim Dudes, said the goal is to meet the needs of students who have and wish to continue putting in work towards their sobriety.

"They want to be around other students. It's just they like to be in a living environment that is of people very much similar to them. Going through the same kinds of struggles," Dudes said. 

While the space is designated solely for those in recovery, it will not be marked differently with posters or signs than other sections of the dorm.

Dudes said this is to avoid creating a stigma.

MU student and Wellness Resource Center employee Adam Dietrich said this housing option is especially crucial for incoming students trying to recover. 

"If we have a freshman that found recovery in high school, and they want to come in and still have a college experience, you know what I mean?  That's a lot of people's kind of path these days, um, we have that ability to put them somewhere too," Dietrich said.

According to Dudes, the housing will cost the same as regular dorm housing, and applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.