Students learn about Gov. Nixon\'s education plans

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BOONVILLE - Students at Boonville High School had the opportunity to ask Governor Jay Nixon questions about their education, their future and even his personal life Wednesday.

Nixon made the trip to Boonville to congratulate the students for their academic performance and to talk about the release of $143.6 million of state funds for schools. 

One of the questions asked by a student was how exactly the funding was going to benefit the schools in the district. Nixon said most of it will go to staff costs and school supplies. 

Student Kelsey Gerlach said Nixon's visit and funding will make an impact for all senior students.

"I think it is really important, especially since we are about to go to college, to be more challenged in order to step up from the high school level," said Gerlach.

Nixon stressed the importance of a good education getting them good jobs in the future. He also said it prepares them for competition on a global scale.

Senior student Olivia Imhoff said she was very appreciative of the governor making a visit to her high school during her last year.

"Public education is very important, and I feel like he is trying his best to get us more money and more funding for our schools," said Imhoff. "That way we can improve on that subject and continue to excel in our academics."