Study: Gunshot wounds increasingly deadly

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COLUMBIA - A study published by the Journal of American Medicine reports that gun shot wounds have become more deadly in recent years.

Jim Hill, a firearms instructor at Target Masters in Columbia, said the data reflects recent advances in bullet technology.

"You're always going to try to outdo your competitor, so technology will always keep advancing," Hill said.

The advances, Hill said, serve a "two-fold" purpose: to do the most damage possible without going through the target to hit somebody else.

"Ammo manufacturers are making defense ammo for the .22 Magnum and it will do as much damage as the .45 will," Hill said.

Adam Beckett, an ER doctor at MU Women and Children's Hospital, said he hasn't seen any large caliber assault weapon-type injuries this year.

Beckett said, while large caliber bullets can inflict greater injury, he has only seen a few of those over that last six months.