Summer Heat Stalls Cars

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COLUMBIA - For car owners, the extreme heat means more annoying problems.

Steve Casey -- the service manager of Custom Complete Automotive -- witnesses the increasing business in his store.

"Extreme heat always brings in a lot of business. We've been very busy lately." Casey said.

Casey said the most common problems caused by summer heat are air-conditioner issues, cooling fans not working and battery issues.

Casey said his shop now services 60 cars a day, compared to 40 in other seasons of the year.

Several customers coming to Casey's store said hot weather brought more problems to their cars, but none of them knew clearly how to prevent them.

In order to avoid the possible car problems in extreme hot weather, Casey says owners should,  "Take the issue before it has opportunities to fail. Like air conditioners, it's better time to get it checked so when it's cooler, you'll not have any problems. " he said.