The Cost To Win An Election

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COLUMBIA-Just how much money did it take to win the election on Tuesday? Simply put, a lot. Historically, politicians have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for votes and the 2012 election cycle was no exception.

According to Project Open Vault, incumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill shelled out more than $900,000 on television ads in the state of Missouri. However McCaskill's opponent Congressman Todd Akin spent just more than $270,000.

The race for Missouri governor was no exception. Governor Jay Nixon spent more than $730,000 on ad buys, while his opponent Dave Spence's tab was just over $440,000.

But those are just the totals for television ad buys.

The total cost for McCaskill to retain her U.S. Senate seat? According to the Center for Responsive Politics, just over $17 million. The cost of defeat for Todd Akin's campaign? $4.6 million.