Tiger Fans Talk About Conferences

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COLUMBIA - With news of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 to go the SEC, Tiger fans talked Wednesday about what they want for Mizzou.

"I don't even agree with them leaving, I think we should just stay where we are at, but if we have to, something like the WAC or the Big 10 I feel like we would be a little bit better than the SEC," said David Bressman.

Billy Giordano said, "It's kinda where the money lies. Wherever is best for the university is fine by me as long as we get good TV schedules and we can stick to a few of the riverlries that we have established over the years I think we should be fine."

Phil Leith said the SEC would be a hard conference. "That's a tough conference. That would be challenging," said Leith.

However, Paul Winningham thinks the Big 12 is not going away.

"I don't think the Big 12 is ever going to fall apart. Texas and Oklahoma make it interesting, but I think the Big 12 will always be here."