Towns Not Worried About Lack of Missouri River Race

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HUNTSDALE - The Missouri River Race's move to Kansas doesn't have small towns upset, but they are a little dissappointed. The annual race normally makes several stops when it runs between Kansas City and St. Louis. This year, however, the threats of flooding have forced the race to move to the Kansas River instead.

Huntsdale is one of the small towns that hosts the race. However, the residents are not worried about their local economy, because the race participants usually only stay one night. So, they don't end up spending much money to send the town into a tailspin.

However, they normally look forward to the race as a form of entertainment and a chance for others to experience their towns.

Sarah Alsager of Jefferson City's Visitor's Bureau said, "It helps to expose people to the Capital City of Missouri."

This year's race will run from Manhattan, Kansas to Kaw Point in Kansas City. The race starts on July 19th.