Transform Jefferson City Addresses Citizens Concerns

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Transform Jefferson City election campaign supporting a half-cent sales tax increase spent Wednesday morning answering questions for residents' about their concerns with the plan.

Randy Allen is president of the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce. He said one of the  areas of most confusion is that the Missouri State Penitentiary will still be owned by the state; however, if the tax goes through, the city would renovate three historic buildings and lease parts of it.

Allen also said he believes this an investment which will substantially improve the quality of space in Jefferson City.

Critics worry the city cannot support higher taxes at a time of slow economic growth.

If the tax were to pass, it would cost consumers an extra 50 cents per one hundred dollars spent.

Jefferson City residents can vote on the tax on February 7th. Residents who can't make it to the polls may request an absentee ballot from the County Clerk's office up until Feb. 1. More information can be found here.