Tween inspired publication set to debut in mid-Missouri in August

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COLUMBIA- A mid-Missouri photography business is reaching out to tweens through a publication it calls BoldlyU Magazine.

The photographers noticed a trend of low self-esteem in their clients and backtracked that to their middle school years.

With her own personal struggles through middle school, BoldlyU co-founder Kelci Gould said, “I didn't understand why I wasn't like everyone else. I had a really hard time wrestling with the fact that I am different.”

A big issue that struck Gould was the increased amount of tweens cutting themselves.

“That's one of the big shockers like ‘oh my gosh’ we just want these kids to know they are worthy of being here,” she said.

With the fast pace of magazine business, Gould already witnessed more excitement in the tweens that have written for the magazine.

Gould said, “We are talking to teachers, schools and counselors to help get tweens involved.”

Although the cause is on the right track, Gould said, the process is pretty expensive. To help keep it going, Gould needs to gain around 20-30 advertisers. So far BoldlyU has fewer than 10 advertisers.