Two Osage County nursing homes shock residents with evictions

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LINN – Dozens of people in two nursing homes in Linn and Belle are scrambling for solutions after being told they have less than two weeks to move out.

Arbor Ridge Manor and Arbor Ridge Estate residents and staff received a letter Monday morning dated November 22, 2015. The owners, Jeff and RayAnne Strubberg, for Arbor Ridge Residential, LLC signed the letter asking people to find other housing arrangements before December 3, 2015.

Cathy Serino, a resident at Arbor Ridge Manor, reached out to KOMU 8 with news of the sudden eviction.

“That’s a lot of disabled adults to try to place in 10 days,” Serino said. “This got dumped in the manager’s lap and she’s in there by herself, and she’s upset because not only having to find us housing, she’s losing her job.”

Serino said most of the people in the nursing homes are angry, especially after discovering an article in Linn's newspaper, the Unterrified Democrat, dated Nov. 18, 2015, saying Strubberg Properties, LLC sold both properties.

“We find out this afternoon that it was in last week’s newspaper about it being sold, but yet they still wait for today to say something to us. That could have been almost a whole other week that we could’ve had to plan,” Serino said.

Now, instead of visiting her family in Columbia for Thanksgiving, she has to find a new place to live.

“It’s just wrong in so many different ways. I’m still shocked,” she said.

Jack Salmons, another resident at the Linn facility, said he will need to leave all of his possessions at the nursing home, which will be locked on Dec. 4.

“I’m homeless. I’ll be homeless and everything else,” Salmons said. “I got my daughter. Right now she’s in a foster home, and I’m trying to get her back. It’s just a rough road right now, I don’t know what to do.”

Trey Garrett lives in Arbor Ridge Manor and said he was told by the ombudsman to bring all his belongings with him because when he comes back from his holiday visit, there will be no chance to get them back.

"Everyone has been using the phone the whole day. I get to call my family after dinner and tell them this news," Garrett said. 

Renee Valentine, a certified medic at the home, said she also found out this morning and the staff is as frustrated as the residents. 

"There's going to be a lot of people without a home. There's going to be few people without jobs," she said. "Job hunting is next for me."

"I just want everybody to know, this was out of the blue. I love you guys, the employees and the residents are ours."

KOMU 8 reached out to the manager of Arbor Ridge Manor in Linn, but she said she could not discuss the content of the story with us. She did confirm the home was closing.

KOMU 8 found a letter from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services citing the Linn nursing home for fire safety violations. When KOMU 8 reached out to the department, we received an email back directing us to see inspection results on its website, which revealed a number of complaints and investigations.

The owners, Jeffrey and RayAnne Strubberg, are listed agents under another care facility, Kindred Care, LLC, which filed for bankruptcy and has an ongoing case with Linn Community Skilled Care, LLC, for damages, as well as a temporary restraining order.

KOMU 8 also tried to reach the Strubbergs, but both their telephone numbers were disconnected.

[Editor's note: This story has been updated to fix grammatical errors.]