UPS Reports Busiest Week of the Year

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COLUMBIA - This week is the busiest shipping and delivering week of the year for United Postal Service.

UPS will deliver a record of 135 million packages worldwide this week alone, and by the end of the day Thursday the company will have delivered 28 million packages to homes and businesses.

The owner of the UPS store on East Nifong Boulevard, John Kadlec, said the busiest day for shipping was Monday. The store shipped around 350 packages compared to a typical day of 150 packages.

Kadlec says UPS has a way of deciding which day is said to be the busiest."With Christmas falling on a Tuesday or Wednesday, generally UPS and the postal service, they back the busiest shipping days off probably anywhere from five, six, to seven days off, back from Christmas," said Kadlec.

The last day to ship a package and have it arrive on time for Christmas day is Friday.