Van Meter State Park hosts Artifacts Road Show

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MIAMI — Arrowheads, metates and tomahawks were all on display Sunday afternoon in Miami.

Missouri's American Indian Cultural Center held an archaeological roadshow at Van Meter State Park.

Certified archaeologists from the Sedalia-West Central Chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society were on hand to help identify artifacts that enthusiasts brought in for examination.

The center's own collection was also open to the public for viewing.

State Park Administrator David Savage said most artifacts can be traced to the Missouri and Osage Band Indians who inhabited the region centuries ago.

"We had the Missouri Indians here; their tribe was right here on this park. But it's all over Missouri. It can be gathered from all over Missouri." Savage said. “If the artifacts were found in Saline County and are old enough, they most likely belonged to the Missouri Indians. If not, most likely it would be traced to the Osage.”

The center will host its annual archeology society symposium and atlatl toss competition Oct. 1.