Veterans United Brings Google Glass Demo to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Veterans United's Sarah Hill will host a demo Monday night to help the spread word about Google's newest technology—Google Glass.

Google chose Hill, along with 8,000 other people, to demo its latest technology. Hill is ranked 38 on Google Plus' most followed list, with more than 2.7 million followers.

Google Glass displays internet information through a single piece of headgear by allowing users to make multimedia internet connections through voice commands.

Hill told KOMU at the media event that Glass will advance professions on a technological level.

"Glass has a bright future for medicine... for story-telling... and people are using it for education," Hill said. "Doctors are using it... journalists are using it."

She said Veterans United is specifically using the product to provide virtual tours, taking veterans to places they aren't physically able to go.

The event is open to the media and begins at 4:30 pm. Hill will host a Google Plus hangout following the event, featuring NBA star Jeremy Lin. Lin is part of Google's "Heroes Hangouts" which involves connecting military veterans with athletic icons.

Both Google and Veteran's United will be in the hangout.