Voters asked to look twice at polling locations

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COLUMBIA - Boone County officials encouraged voters to double-check with their voter registration paperwork to facilitate voting Tuesday morning.

According to Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren, more than nine thousand county residents are registered to vote, and many have different addresses than the last election season of 2012.

"It's important that they check and make sure that they're going to the correct polling place. And that they check their address, that they've got their current address on file with us. Otherwise, they'll be going to the wrong polling place," said Noren. She said the number of registered voters is only about 25 percent of Boone County residents who are eligible to vote, and that number is down from previous years.

"We realized fairly early on we weren't going to have the same turnout as four years ago," said Noren. "We don't have big statewide races on the ballot, so we have fewer polling places."

Noren said if voters are unsure of their designated place to cast their ballot, they should contact the Boone County Clerk's office as soon as possible.

There are 60 polling locations in the area open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Besides voting for political candidates, several propositions and amendments are on the table as well. Here is complete breakdown of those.