Waitress celebrates 20 years at Broadway Diner

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COLUMBIA - Eunice McCaleb has been working at the Broadway Diner for 20 years. As a waitress for 18 years, she's served up more than just pancakes and the diner's staple dish "the stretch." The popular waitress worked on the night shift for 18 years, making friends with several students searching for a place to eat in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Columbia.

"I like to talk," the 73-year-old McCaleb said. "I'm a gossiper, that's my big thing."

McCaleb is a mother of 5 and has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She said that's one of the reasons students can relate to her. One student who graduated and moved to Texas in the 1990s still calls McCaleb every year on her birthday. She recalls a story about that student. Just one of the countless memories she's made.

"He came in here his name is Adam. He came in here one night on my birthday with a bouquet like that one sitting up there with roses and all. Had a crowd of people and he was holding them up The fan caught the roses and they went everywhere," said McCaleb with a laugh.

One of McCaleb's granddaughters that lives in Columbia comes to visit her grandmother a few times a month at the diner.

"She's so kind and always puts other people before herself," said the 19-year-old Brianna McCaleb. 

Eunice McCaleb said her co-workers at the diner are just like her family. And McCaleb's co-workers consider her family too.

"She's been here through a lot with us," said Rachel Remus, whose dad owns the diner. "She always has a funny story to tell about when we worked overnights."

McCaleb has slowed down in the past couple years. She no longer works the overnight shift, but still works three days a week at the diner.

"I just pretty much run the register and gossip now," said McCaleb.

McCaleb said she doesn't know how much longer she will work at the diner, but doesn't expect to quit as long as she can still talk and gossip.