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Posted 12:34 PM 8/19/2014 : Weekly Wellness: Good fat versus evil fat

COLUMBIA - The word "fat" is used in so many ways. People talk about "good fat" and "bad fat" but what does that mean, exactly?

Fats are good! And necessary! It's true! Fats provide essential fatty acids, help to deliver fat-soluble vitamins, and are a great fuel source. It's when we take

Posted 1:21 PM 7/30/2014 : Weekly Wellness: It's time to earn it or burn it

COLUMBIA - Now that we've seen how much sugar can be in some of our chosen snacks, how long does it take to burn them off or earn them before we eat them?

One of the issues that I see a lot of clients struggling with is the "calories in/calories out" plan. We can, at times, misjudge just

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