Weekly Wellness: Have A Java!

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COLUMBIA - This week’s topic is personal to me. Full disclosure: I love coffee. I’m a coffee girl. So I really didn’t need any more reasons to love the stuff. And yet, there are some EXCELLENT reasons to continue my love affair with my “joe.”

In a new article on popsugar.com, there are some scientific reasons that will help you to continue your love of java, too:

  • It eases muscle pain: Drinking coffee before a workout has been proven to prevent post-workout soreness. One University of Georgia study found that moderate doses of caffeine can reduce the pain by nearly 50 percent.
  • It improves memory: There's some research that the caffeine in coffee has a positive effect on memory and thought processes (specifically when it comes to Alzheimer's disease). Using mice, researchers found that mice (with the rodent equivalent of Alzheimer's disease) that consumed caffeine-spiked drinking water experienced a reduction in the levels of a protein in the brain that is a key aspect of the disease.
  • It keeps you regular: Drinking warm liquids gets things moving (if you know what I mean), and coffee itself is a powerful stimulant that encourages muscle contractions in the digestive tract.
  • It fights against disease: The antioxidants in coffee have been shown to decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, gallstones, and Parkinson's.
  • It increases endurance: Studies have found that drinking a cup of coffee before can help increase your endurance.

With all that said, I hate to admit it, but coffee isn't a miracle beverage. Drinking too much can contribute to high blood pressure, sleep issues, headaches, and digestive problems. Just be sure to stick to 300 milligrams or less of caffeinated beverages per day (one 8 oz cup of coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine, while an espresso drink has 77 mg per shot).

(Source: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Coffee-Health-Benefits-7170019)