Weekly Wellness: How playing cards can boost your workout

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COLUMBIA - Looking for a different way to workout? Wanna make it a fun challenge? Grab a deck of cards!

The goal of this challenge is to complete the exercises represented by the cards you pull out of the deck! It's a surprise every day! What will happen????

Here are the basics:

Grab a deck of cards. Any deck will do.

Each of the four suits in a deck of cards represents a different exercise.

This set of exercises will be our strength group:

  • Spades: Push ups
  • Diamonds: Squats
  • Clubs: Lunges
  • Hearts: Crunches

This set of exercises will be our cardio group:

  • Spades: Jumping jacks
  • Diamonds: Mountain Climbers
  • Clubs: High knees (hi impact or low impact)
  • Hearts: Front kicks

The card value is the number of reps. Face cards will have the following reps:

  • Jacks: 15 reps
  • Queens: 20 reps
  • Kings: 25 reps
  • Aces: 30 reps

Set a starting goal of picking and completing three cards every day for the first few weeks. Then increase to five cards every day... then increase to eight cards... and so on and so on. Have fun! Work hard! Enjoy the game!