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    Your View: KOMU responds to complaint on e-cigarette story

    Posted 4:13 PM 5/8/2015 by Arianna Poindexter and Madi Morris, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On April 17, KOMU 8 News reported an increase in e-cigarette use among adolescents. 

    We posted the story to our Facebook page to get viewer feedback, and one of our viewers thought the story (More)

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    Your View: Shedding Negative Light

    Posted 5:22 PM 4/14/2015 by Kyle Jacoby and Jack Korte, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - When it comes to the news, fact checking and providing context is pivotal, especially when it might shed light on an organization.

    KOMU asked you when it's fair to shed bad light on a person or organization?

    One (More)

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    Your View: Identifying race

    Posted 10:57 AM 3/20/2015 by Julia Avery and Beth Anne Carroll, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On more than one occasion, KOMU 8 viewers have asked about the importance of identifying race in a story.

    In March, a story was posted on the KOMU 8 website and Facebook page about the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson. Some viewers expressed their opinions about race (More)

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    Your View: Ferguson Coverage

    Posted 1:02 PM 12/12/2014 by Rachel Wittel and Anders Aarhus, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - Following the grand jury's decision to not indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, KOMU 8 created a timeline to highlight events from (More)

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    Your View: KOMU responds to complaints on gas price story

    Posted 3:51 PM 12/11/2014 by Paige Travis and Alex Brown, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On Dec. 2, KOMU 8 News reported gas prices were a dollar lower than they were exactly a year before.

    Some viewers said KOMU 8 News should not have mentioned the unusually low prices.

    "Annnnnnnnd now they will go up after this story," Max Frericks said.

    Stacy Jason (More)

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    Your View: Social Media Interaction

    Posted 7:43 PM 11/28/2014 by Josh Sultan and Harris Chang, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - Over the past decade, social media use has increased a lot around the world. It's also become a major factor in how media outlets share information with their audiences.

    Like many other news outlets, KOMU 8 has a strong presence on the web a and this includes our KOMU 8 Facebook (More)

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    Your View: Car Crash into Addison's

    Posted 6:40 PM 11/7/2014 by Tyler Greever and Meredith Miller, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - About two weeks ago, KOMU 8 News reported a car crash into the side of Addison's restaurant.

    36-year-old Shayne Healea was backing his truck out into the street when it crashed into one of the (More)

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    Your View: Ebola Hoax Report

    Posted 8:59 PM 10/29/2014 by Camille Hayes and Andrew Kauffman, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On Oct. 16, KOMU posted a report on its Facebook page regarding an Ebola hoax in Cole County. The text that supplemented a link to the story said, "A ‘hoax' Ebola report sent first responders scrambling in Cole County this morning."

    One viewer was angry at our word choice. (More)

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    Your View: Your View's Purpose

    Posted 10:36 AM 5/9/2014 by Connor Wist and Elizabeth Kuhlman, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - A few weeks ago, KOMU 8 News received a call from a viewer fussing about the way Your View was presented.

    It was about our insistence that no matter what the entertainment program, we must break in to report breaking weather alerts -- break in in great detail.

    "I (More)

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    Your View: Election Coverage

    Posted 8:46 AM 5/3/2014 by Joe Proszek and Emily Potthast, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On April 8, KOMU provided coverage, including a live update blog, for that night's local election coverage for Mid-Missouri.

    The coverage ranged from Boone to Cooper to Randolph County, and KOMU had several staff members working throughout the night to contact precincts and (More)

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