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    YOUR VIEW: Covering Michael Sam's Coming Out

    Posted 7:23 PM 2/20/2014 by Hayley Buck and Taylor Barth, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - When former University of Missouri football player Michael Sam released a statement announcing that he was gay, the news made national headlines.

    KOMU 8 News chose to cover the announcement extensively, and the story led several newscasts. Coverage continued online and on-air as (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: Lack of Alcohol Enforcement

    Posted 4:32 PM 2/12/2014

    COLUMBIA- On January 30, KOMU reported about how certain budget cuts in Missouri could affect the state's public school system. We reported that budget cuts to Missouri's Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC)have left the state with almost no alcohol enforcement and lost revenue for its public (More)

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    Your View: Showing License Plates of Speeding Drivers

    Posted 6:27 PM 12/13/2013 by Jamie Ries & Ruohan Xu, KOMU 8 News Reporters

    COLUMBIA - Komu 8's Jim Riek's story about where drivers speed in Columbia caused quite a stir on our website. Some people complained about the newsworthiness of the story, others about the use of license plates.

    Columbia resident, Charles Willard, wrote to KOMU 8 in an email. He (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: How Fashion Affects the News

    Posted 6:20 PM 12/13/2013 by Lauren Bale and Michelle Clemens, KOMU 8 News Reporters

    COLUMBIA - Fashion has certainly changed over the years, and the wardrobe of news anchors and reporters is no exception. Some viewers say clothing and jewelry can be distracting and anchors should stick to wearing something more traditional.

    Laura Leach, a KOMU 8 viewer, wrote the station (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: KOMU 8's Decision to Run Fayette Prayer Suit Story

    Posted 10:28 AM 12/8/2013 by Addison Walton and Xiaoyun Wu, KOMU 8 Reporters

    FAYETTE - On Nov. 20 and 21, KOMU ran two stories that about the Fayette School District being sued for having teacher sponsored and school promoted prayer sessions at the area high school. Many viewers posted comments via Facebook about the story and questioned our decision to run the story (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: A Closer Look at Why We Covered H&M Clothing Coming To Columbia

    Posted 7:39 PM 11/20/2013 by Joshua Teasley and Turner Twyman, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On November 7, a KOMU 8 digital producer posted on our website that H&M Clothing planned to expand to the Columbia Mall. Several of our viewers commented on the story, some saying it wasn't newsworthy.

    One viewer said, "How the hell is this news worthy?!?!"

    Another (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: KOMU 8's Decision to Break into National News

    Posted 3:24 PM 11/15/2013 by Michelle Schuelke and Eric Stoyanov, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News broke into NBC's Nightly News Nov. 5 to air a live press conference with Ryan Ferguson's family and attorney. Some viewers sent emails to the station calling the decision "poor judgement." In this week's Your View, we take a closer look at why KOMU 8 News made the decision (More)

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    Your View: How We Covered the Affordable Care Act

    Posted 2:39 PM 11/8/2013 by Christine Roto & Yuqing Pan, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On October 14th, KOMU reported on a story about how the Affordable Care Act made preventative screening more accessible to women. Some viewers commented on KOMU's Facebook calling the story "free advertisement" for the new healthcare program. In this week's Your View, we take a closer (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: A Closer Look at the KOMU 8 News Comment Policies

    YOUR VIEW: A Closer Look at the KOMU 8 News Comment Policies

    Posted 1:36 PM 11/1/2013 by Jen Lask and Dan Molloy, KOMU 8 Reporters

    COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News viewer Alicia Stanford wrote on the station's Facebook page on Monday, asking that viewer comments be banned from the page. Stanford cited the comments about a fatal accident on I-70 on October 26, 2013. 

    "It is ridiculous how some of the moronic people from (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: How We Covered a Columbia Murder

    Posted 4:05 PM 10/25/2013 by Emily Hauger and Paige Hornor, KOMU Reporters

    COLUMBIA - On October 10, KOMU 8 News posted a photo of a murder victim to our Facebook page, and it sparked discussion both on Facebook and in KOMU's newsroom. KOMU 8 digital producer Blair Miller took a public photo from Satina Beckner's Facebook and used it to humanize the story (More)

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