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    YOUR VIEW: School Security

    Posted 1:31 PM 3/13/2013 by Megan Rice and Shanley Reynolds

    COLUMBIA - In February, KOMU looked into school safety. After recent tragic incidents including the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, many parents were wondering...What security measures are mid-Missouri school's taking?

    In a Target 8 Investigation by KOMU reporter (More)

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    Your View: Viewers Question Snowstorm Coverage

    Posted 9:37 PM 3/12/2013 by Jonathon Shipman and Karline Swan

    COLUMBIA - During last month's snow storms, KOMU 8 reporters were in the thick of things reporting on road conditions, school closures, and traffic while advising Mid-Missouri to stay home. In this week's Your View, we examine our coverage of the snowstorm.

    During the morning of the second (More)

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    YOUR VIEW: Viewers Question Accuracy of Weather Team

    YOUR VIEW: Viewers Question Accuracy of Weather Team

    Posted 10:34 AM 3/7/2013 by Chloe Alexander and Diana Schnese

    COLUMBIA- Our weather team was busy tracking the snowstorms that hit Mid-Missouri the last two weeks of February. During the snowstorm, KOMU 8's meteorologist updated viewers every hour to give them expected times of snowfall. But, one viewer felt KOMU 8's coverage wasn't as accurate as it should (More)

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    YOUR VIEW - Viewers Question Investigation of IBM

    Posted 1:14 PM 2/27/2013 by Madison Alewel and Christine Wendel

    COLUMBIA - Earlier this month, KOMU 8 News aired a Target 8 story investigating IBM's refusal to talk about the number of jobs it has created since coming to Columbia in 2010. (More)

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    Associated Press Sources Draw Viewer Concern

    Posted 3:34 PM 2/22/2013 by Courtney Kincade & Kadee Brosseau

    COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News recently received a viewer complaint about the station's use of the Associated Press as a news source. The station works to bring viewers the best news from around Missouri, the country and the world. In order to provide such stories, KOMU 8 News utilizes the (More)

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    Your View: Reporter Safety

    Posted 11:07 AM 2/22/2013 by Jessi Turnure & Courtney Tezeno

    COLUMBIA - On January 28th, one of our morning show reporters was reporting on the side of I-70 without wearing a reflective vest.

    One of our own KOMU 8 News viewers commented on our Facebook page worried about her safety. 

    "Please advise (More)

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    Your View: Viewers Upset with Phrase "Frozen Man"

    Posted 8:45 PM 2/12/2013 by Katie Brennan and Kelly Carlson

    COLUMBIA - In our coverage of a man's body found on a farm in Moberly last month, we posted a headline to KOMU.com that some viewers found insensitive. In this week's Your View, we take a look at whether our choice of words was acceptable.

    The Moberly Police Department said the body, which (More)

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    Your View: Appearance and the News

    Posted 6:09 PM 2/11/2013 by Mengti Xu and Paige Flores

    COLUMBIA - Criticism from the public is something that those working in the media are aware of and every reporter handles differently. 

    Wisconsin's WKBT morning anchor Jennifer Livingston was nationally praised last October for defending herself live on air after a viewer (More)

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    Drought Conditions Could Persist Even With Normal Precipitation

    Posted 8:35 PM 2/6/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    CLARK - The mid-Missouri area has received about 2.67 inches of rain since January 1. This is .38 inches more than last year at this time. But that doesn't mean drought conditions won't continue this year.

    Associate Professor of Soil Sciences Randy Miles predicts drought like conditions (More)

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    Your View: Viewers Question Use of the Word "Cops"

    Posted 4:31 PM 12/5/2012 by Elizabeth Hagedorn

    After an incident at Jefferson Junior High School, one of our reporters live at the scene used word "cops" when referring to the police.

    That irritated some viewers who found the term disrespectful. In this week's Your View, we take a look at whether the choice of words was acceptable.


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