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    Your View: Appearance and the News

    Posted 6:09 PM 2/11/2013 by Mengti Xu and Paige Flores

    COLUMBIA - Criticism from the public is something that those working in the media are aware of and every reporter handles differently. 

    Wisconsin's WKBT morning anchor Jennifer Livingston was nationally praised last October for defending herself live on air after a viewer (More)

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    Drought Conditions Could Persist Even With Normal Precipitation

    Posted 8:35 PM 2/6/2013 by Nichole Cartmell

    CLARK - The mid-Missouri area has received about 2.67 inches of rain since January 1. This is .38 inches more than last year at this time. But that doesn't mean drought conditions won't continue this year.

    Associate Professor of Soil Sciences Randy Miles predicts drought like conditions (More)

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    Your View: Viewers Question Use of the Word "Cops"

    Posted 4:31 PM 12/5/2012 by Elizabeth Hagedorn

    After an incident at Jefferson Junior High School, one of our reporters live at the scene used word "cops" when referring to the police.

    That irritated some viewers who found the term disrespectful. In this week's Your View, we take a look at whether the choice of words was acceptable.

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    Target 8 Investigative Team Takes Tips

    Posted 7:53 PM 12/3/2012 by Meenakshi Dalal and Ashley Carr

    COLUMBIA -  Have a tip? Know of a story that need investigation? If you send it into KOMU, the Target 8 Investigative Team takes an in-depth look at your information.

    "We look at stories from the general public, a story from you or me, and we dig and we back up what they're saying," (More)

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    Your View: Missouri Football Coach Gary Pinkel's Divorce

    Posted 8:59 AM 10/23/2012 by Jennessa Ewing and Tong Gao

    COLUMBIA - A few weeks ago, KOMU reported that Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel finalized the petition for divorce from his wife.

    After we aired the statement, we received feedback from viewers telling us our coverage of the event was not newsworthy. In this week's Your View, we take a (More)

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    Your View: New Teacher Evaluation in Some Columbia Schools

    Posted 2:43 PM 10/22/2012 by Kamen Entchev, Chloe Dake

    COLUMBIA - At the beginning of October KOMU 8's Jon Rehagen reported on a new teacher evaluation program being piloted by some mid-Missouri schools. After airing the story, some viewers commented saying we didn't provide enough facts.

    In this week's Your View we take a look at (More)

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    Your View: Viewers Question Coverage on E. Coli Death

    Posted 2:44 PM 9/28/2012 by Alexandra Jones and Elise Oggioni

    NEW FRANKLIN - On September 19th, KOMU 8 reporter Dan Kennedy went to New Franklin to try and get more information about the young boy who passed away from E.coli. When he arrived in New Franklin, he said he was met by a woman who had some pretty harsh words about his presence in town.

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    Your View: Coverage of a Planned Parenthood Rally Gets One Viewer Upset

    Posted 10:03 PM 9/18/2012 by Elizabeth Miller & Kyle Tons

    COLUMBIA - In August, KOMU 8 sent a live reporter to cover a Planned Parenthood event. One viewer was angered over how the live reporter worded her report on what was going on at the event. KOMU 8 takes a look back at how the reporter may have used a poor choice of words.

    The live reporter (More)

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    Your View: Family Upset About House Fire Coverage

    Posted 11:04 AM 9/11/2012 by Meghann Mollerus and Danielle McCarthy

    BOONE COUNTY - In August, KOMU 8 News covered a developing story that began as a house fire near Harrisburg and ended with the homeowner behind bars. KOMU 8 took a closer look at whether its story cast an unfair light on the family involved.

    On Aug. 17, a house fire completely destroyed (More)

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    Your View: Artists Criticize Fire Poster Story

    Posted 5:18 PM 6/1/2012 by Christine Karsten

    COLUMBIA - KOMU 8's story this week about the Brookside fire and a lookalike poster that appeared to show the complex burning weeks before the fire angered some people in the local arts community.

    Local (More)

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