HALLSVILLE - In his second year as the starting quarterback, senior Tyger Cobb is flourishing in Hallsville. Hallsville comes into Friday night's game 6-0 and a big reason why, is Cobb's play. 

The biggest change in his game has been the use of his legs. Cobb is already over 1,000 rushing yards on the season and is on his way to 1,000 yards in the air. 

"I think I'm starting to figure stuff out using my legs a little bit more," Cobb said. "We went to Palmyra, first half, really shaky first half, I think I might have had two interceptions. I wasn't really making good decisions but now I'm able to buy more time."

Head coach Justin Conyers says Cobb's dual threat ability is a matchup nightmare for defenses.

"He does a great job with both his arm and legs," Conyers said. "I think that's hard to defend. What are you going to take away? Are you going to try and stop the run? Are you going to try and stop the pass?"

Cobb's ability has impressed his teammates this season too. 

"His ability just to read the field, he can see open receivers down the field no matter what," starting center Garrison Ballard said. "If there's no one open then he's just willing to go off and take it down the field and get a first down for us."

Cobb brings everything Hallsville wants both on and off the field.

"He's been a really good quarterback to us," Ballard said. "He's always in here putting the work in day in day out." 

With all the praise going to Cobb, he gives it right back to his offensive line.

"I really think this o-line we lost one guy and everyone else is coming back. So that's their second year too, just as much as it is mine," Cobb said. "So they're growing just as much as me." 

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