COLUMBIA - Columbia's Hickman High School made changes toward a more inclusive student body. The Kewpies now have Homecoming Royalty, which is open to all gender identities.

Hickman's student government made the unanimous decision to replace the traditional king and queen system. Homecoming Royalty now will crown only one winner based on the student body's vote.

Hickman's principal, Tony Gragnani, says it was an easy decision for him to listen to what the students wanted.

"I think their goal was pretty clear. They wanted to create a more inclusive procedure, which they have, and provide alterations to a tradition that stood for time," Gragnani said.

Ella Leigh, who was crowned Hickman's Homecoming Royalty at halftime of Friday's football game, says that she's proud of Hickman setting the precedent.

"I think it's just setting a precedent for the whole community," Leigh said. "I think we're doing a really good job at representing this more inclusive culture."

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