Democrats not happy with Parson's State of the State Address

Posted on 15 January 2020 at 9:09pm
Story image: Democrats not happy with Parson's State of the State Address

JEFFERSON CITY- Missouri Democrats disagreed with parts of Governor Parson's State of the State Address this afternoon. 

Democrats held a news conference in the house lounge immediately following the speech.

"Governor Parson tried to create the impression that he had become a unifying leader we had hoped he would be, but after 18 months Missourians know exactly what to expect from our accidental governor- it is that he will not put their interests first," said house minority leader Crystal Quade of Springfield.  

Democrats mentioned multiple times that Governor Parson is an "accidental Governor." 

Some of the things he talked about at the news conference were gun violence, the economic state of Missouri, and healthcare. 

"I will not accept that children being kicked off their healthcare is cost is a shame that our administration is talking about a lot of children who have lost their healthcare coverage who we know qualify for it," said Quade. 

Quade said that they will continue to investigate why kids are not getting the Medicaid coverage they do in fact qualify for. 

When asked about the economic state of Missouri, Quade talked about the tax issues. 

"Missourians saw a lot of folks who were expecting to get money back, but actually ended up owing more," said Quade. 

When asked about what Democrats thought about the proposals, Quade said they have not seen proposals that are showing any change regarding gun violence across the state of Missouri.