Country music singer works through quarantine restrictions

Posted on 27 March 2020 at 2:37pm

COLUMBIA – Just about one week into COVID-19 quarantines across the United States and one common theme is emerging. We’re all in this together, despite being miles apart. From the movie stars on your TV, to the music artists on your radio, everyone is marching to beat of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s drum — even country singer Sean Stemaly.

The singer-songwriter was seen in Missouri two times in the past few months, once in Columbia at The Blue Note with HARDY, and again in Springfield opening for Parker McCollum. Now, Stemaly is holed up in the hills of Kentucky at his parents’ cabin.

“I chose this place because they told me to be around 10 people or less, so I decided to be around zero people because there’s no one out here,” he said.

He was in Alabama playing before he and his band were told they couldn’t finish out the weekend’s shows due to COVID-19 concerns. Stemaly said as many as 10 shows had to be canceled and rescheduled for the fall months already.

“You know, I can live off my publishing money and all that, but I’m more worried about the band than anything because that’s how they make their living,” Stemaly said.

He isn’t one to leave his band or his fans high and dry, though. He said he has a lot of plans up his sleeve during his time away from Nashville and the road.

“We’ve been talking about putting together an online show to make up for the lost shows,” Stemaly said. “Everybody can just log on. A lot of artists are already doing that and it’s really cool to see everybody coming together like that.”

He has also connected with fans by answering questions on live Instagram videos, allowing them to join in. He’s also using this free time to write and give fans light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel. Stemaly is sitting on a new, unreleased single now and has about 11 songs in total queued up for this year.

Stemaly celebrated his song “Georgia” hitting two-million streams on Spotify this past month, joining the success of hit-song “Back on a Backroad." His newest song “Come Back to Bed,” was released in February and is well on its way with close to 300,000 streams already.

He is continually gaining traction as a solo artist, but Stemaly exclusively told KOMU 8 News there is talk of a collaborative song with one of his fellow Big Loud Record Label artists. Stemaly couldn’t say much about the plans but did confirm it would not be with country music sensation Morgan Wallen.

“I’m pretty much just going to fish and song write until they tell me to go back to Nashville,” Stemaly said. 

He hopes others cooped up at home support music of all genres and discover new artists. As for his fans in Missouri, he wants you to know he’ll be back soon enough to play again.

“I don’t have anything on the schedule right now,” Stemaly said. “I guarantee we’ll be back because Missouri is a good market for us and there’s good people over there who like to party just like we do.”

Stemaly asks fans to join him on his  Instagram for a live concert Friday night at 7 p.m.