Columbia artist brings color to gray skies

Posted on 26 March 2020 at 6:32pm
Story image: Columbia artist brings color to gray skies

COLUMBIA - Sunny skies brought a Columbia artist to Shelter Gardens Thursday.

Cindy Scott, a live event painter, relies on big gatherings to earn her commissions. Due to current public health issues, those events have now been canceled and her main source of income is now uncertain.

Scott, however, has chosen to soldier on.

On Tuesday, Scott began live-streaming sessions of her painting on Facebook. She said it started off as a way to express herself in the wake of recent world events.

“I just wanted to paint, I just wanted to process things that way,” she said. “I had no idea what I would be painting, I just wanted to start creating some things, so I did a couple of Facebook lives, just my face on the camera.”

She mentioned how easy it is to get lost in the beauty of her art and temporarily forget what’s happening in the world. She said by streaming her art to whoever is watching, it’s her way of moving the needle during times like this.

“I’m not trained in the way that many other people are professionally,” she said. “I can’t provide medical services, I can’t provide the transportation for things, so I’m just doing what I know and trying to help people in the way that I can.“

Scott said she was thrilled to see the positive reactions to her live-streams. She even said her viewers were becoming active in her process, giving insight on what she should paint next.

“People were offering their input and wanting to see their visuals," she said. "There were things that maybe they miss in their everyday life, and they were wanting to see that expressed visually on the canvas."

As Scott puts it, it frequently feels like there is a lot of noise online, now more than ever. She hopes her art will provide some much needed solace in the social media landscape.

“When I don’t have the words, I truly feel like the picture is worth a thousand words,” she said. “So, I combine a little bit of everything. Part of it comes from inside me, part of it comes from my surroundings, and I just plop it all in one spot visually and I hope that that tells a story and provides some peace.“

You can watch her live-streams at her facebook page, listed here.

You can also view the digital copy of the painting made in Thursday’s story by clicking here.