Locals react to curbside recycling changes

Posted on 10 July 2020 at 7:13pm
Story image: Locals react to curbside recycling changes

COLUMBIA - The City announced eleven drop-off recycling locations after it put curbside recycling on hold until further notice Wednesday. One recycling collector for the Columbia Public Works Department said this has already made his job harder.

"It's going to take extra people," Arthur Thomas said. "But we don't really have extra people."

Thomas said he does not yet know how of the plans to make his job easier. He said he hopes for more drop-off sites and more workers to get things done sooner.

"It takes time to get it all done."

Despite added pick-up challenges due to virus restrictions, cluttered drop-off sites, and hot weather, Thomas said this will not stop him from making sure he leaves each drop-off site better than he found it.

"I just look at it like if it's my home, and you're coming to my house, I'd want it to be clean," he said. "And that's the way I would like this."

One Fulton resident said she and her son are struggling to find drop-off sites in Callaway County.

She said she's worried recycling changes in Columbia will force them to start looking somewhere else.

"People won't take as much time to recycle," Susan Garrett said. "That's my biggest fear. And then Columbia may end up having to close down too because they can't afford it."

For more information on the curbside recycling suspension, click here.