Late justice leaves two Columbia students with fond memories

Posted on 19 September 2020 at 7:47pm

COLUMBIA – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg left lifelong impressions on two Columbia students.

The students, a high school senior and the other a third year law student, are Trevon Hill and Carley Johansson.

Hill, a senior at Hickman High School, was in fourth grade when his class arranged a Skype session with Ginsburg, according to a story by the Columbia Daily Tribune.

"I really don't remember too much about elementary school," Hill said. "But that particular moment, there will always be something to remember."

The Skype session was arranged with the help of superintendent Peter Stiepleman, at the time the assistant superintendent for the district. Stiepleman was able to arrange the opportunity because he is the nephew of the late justice.

In a tweet on Friday night, Stiepleman expressed his sorrows over the passing of his aunt. In his message, he underscored Ginsburg was a person who would do anything for her family.

Carley Johansson, a third year law student at MU and vice president of the women's law association, was especially moved by the news of Ginsburg's death.

Johansson majored in women's studies during her undergraduate career. She is inspired by Ginsburg's prolific career, notably her stances of dissent against issue of gender inequality.

"She made herself a seat at the table," Johansson said. "One of her most famous quotes is that 'Women belong in all the places where decisions are being made.'"

Johansson hopes her works serves at the same caliber as Ginsburg's.

"Justice isn't just a court decision," she said. "Justice is standing up for somebody and standing up for yourself."