Camp Citizen Jane inspires young girls in filmmaking

Posted on 12 July 2017 at 3:32am

COLUMBIA - Young girls are learning how to be directors and film-makers at a camp Stephens College is hosting related to the Citizen Jane Film Festival. 

Barbie Banks, the executive director of Citizen Jane, said the festival in October brings in women directed films from all over the world. The festival helped inspire Camp Citizen Jane, where young girls learn how to tell different stories.

“Our goal is to create more women directors and we think that starts at every level,” Banks said. 

The camp teaches students how to write, film and edit their own stories. It also gives girls a chance to make two short films which will be showcased at the end of the week for friends, family and some community members. 

Vivian Spear is a camper and said the camp has impacted her life. 

“We know that I can change and make a change in this world, so I really liked it,” Spear said. 

Spear said she wants to make some of her own films when she grows up. 

“It’s awesome to learn how to start the camera, how to use the mic, how to work the sound and everything,” Spear said. 

Another camper, Finion Crowder, also enjoys the camp as well. 

“We do a lot of learning with the different equipment and the stuff that they provide, which is really cool because the equipment is so expensive that not everybody gets to use it in their day to day lives,” Crowder said. 

Banks said one of the main reasons for the camp is to show people how women are portrayed in film and get people to think about how few speaking lines women have. 

Banks also said the films the campers make do have a chance to appear in the Citizen Jane Film Festival this October. She said if the film reaches their standard, they can be in the festival, which happens often. 

“It’s not something that’s rare. We do teach them how to do it and their good stories and so hopefully one of them will get to see their film in the festival,” Banks said. 

The camp is from July 10 to July 14.