Columbia eSports team prepares for the new season

Posted on 7 December 2017 at 12:09am
Story image: Columbia eSports team prepares for the new season

COLUMBIA - Columbia College is just days away from starting its eSports season, which will be its second.

ESports is competitive video gaming.

Columbia College is one of the two schools in Missouri to incorporate eSports into its athletic department.

Player Jonathan Song said, just like anything competitive, the team has techniques to prepare for competitions.

“We look at videos, we study how the professional players play, and we keep track, and we actually take notes on our own game play. Ya know, call us crazy, but we take our own notes and we have to look at it later. Ya know, like why did we, where did we mess up, ya know, can we improve this for a later game,” Song said.

Fellow player Zachary Lapham said eSports is more than just playing a video game, it is physical too.

“We have physical training and we workout as a team. It builds energy and relieves stress,” he said.

Coach Drake Porter said he believes the Cougars will most likely be in first or second place in 2018.

“I think we are going to have a really strong season and this is likely our best chance of coming first in the country,” he said.

Porter said he coaches the team to follow the three P’s.

“We need to out-practice our opponents. We have to out-plan our opponents and we have to outperform our opponents.” Porter said

He said the team will spend approximately 800 hours this season training and playing the League of Legend. That includes individual and team practicing.

Porter said eSports, like traditional sports, help with player development.

“Sports are meant to help keep positive learning skills and, well, positive competition skills to kids. I think eSports kinda does the same thing. But it's really starting to challenge what games can do and what video games can do and the types of positive values they can help implement into students,” he said.

The season will begin in January and games will be streamed online for free.