Protesters call for more charges in Waffle House shooting

Posted on 3 February 2018 at 10:32pm
Story image: Protesters call for more charges in Waffle House shooting

COLUMBIA - Family, friends and supporters of the late Anthony Warren held a protest Saturday evening outside the Waffle House where Warren was shot on New Year's Day.

Over 20 protestors marched along Van Diver Drive and Range Line Street while chanting "Justice for Anthony." Many carried signs with different messages and pictures of Warren.

This is the second time a protest was held outside the Waffle House. The first protest called for charges to be filed against the security guard, Robert Moses, who shot Warren, according to court documents.

Saturday's demonstration called for progress to be made in the police investigation regarding Warren's death, which is still ongoing.

Prosecutors have charged Matthew McMillan with second-degree murder. Protesters said they want prosecutors to file charges against the man who actually shot Warren: security guard Robert Moses.

Court documents show Moses told police he was handling an altercation between two men, then a group of people began to "encroach" on him. Moses said he felt "they were a threat," which led him to fire a single shot with his pistol. Warren was in the crowd Moses felt threatened by.