Truck pulls over after accident, gets hit again on Hwy 63

Posted on 4 February 2018 at 8:12pm
Story image: Truck pulls over after accident, gets hit again on Hwy 63

BOONE COUNTY - A multi-car crash went from bad to worse on Sunday after another car hit one of the vehicles involved in the first accident.

A state trooper on the scene said it all started when two cars were involved in an accident on Highway 63 near Elkhurst in Boone County.

"The white pickup was driving south on 63, lost control on the ice, and struck the cable barrier," the trooper said. "After it struck the cable barrier, it spun around. Then a blue passenger car hit the pickup truck, and then the blue passenger car ran off the roadway."

Shortly after both cars were able to get to the side of the road to assess what just happened, another vehicle accidentally hit one of the parked cars.

"While the pickup truck and the blue car were stationary, another passenger car came around and hit the white truck. So it's actually two separate crashes," he said.

He also said the back-to-back accidents were primarily due to icy roads. Local officials issued a travel alert shortly before 1:00 p.m.