Puppies invade yoga class to raise money for dog rescue

Posted on 5 February 2018 at 6:30am
Story image: Puppies invade yoga class to raise money for dog rescue

COLUMBIA - Nine excited puppies joined in on the action at Columbia's first puppy yoga class.

The class on Sunday was hosted by Yoga Gives - CoMo and Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue.

60 participants all crammed in one room to enjoy a good workout and the loving company of the pups. 

The event featured nine little ones up for adoption. All proceeds went to Unchained Melodies to cover vet expenses for the rescue and rehabilitation of future dogs.

Seven of the puppies came from the same litter, which was found abandoned in the freezing cold with their mother on the side of a highway. 

Whitney Wright, the coordinator of the event, said tickets sold out within one week.

"We posted two weeks ago. It immediately got tons of shares and likes with people saying they were interested," she said. 

After she got the idea to do puppy yoga from a friend, she said, she immediately contacted another friend who teaches yoga classes. Wright said they put the event together in three weeks. 

The yoga class participants welcomed the puppies with open arms, even if their mats got peed on a few times. 

“It was a little distracting, but it was nice," said Leslie Nelson. "I’m used to a more calm environment but the puppies just made it so much fun.”

She said supporting local charities is important.

"You might as well combine something you love,Yoga, with something else you love, puppies,” Wright said.

Unchained Melodies volunteer Dina Van Der Zalm said she hopes all the puppies find their "forever homes" soon.

"I think this is a really great way to raise our profile," she said. "Puppies and yoga is a pretty adorable combination, so hopefully we get more support for Unchained Melodies."

Van Der Zalm said since the dog rescue is a volunteer organization, everything helps. Unchained Melodies' website has more information on how to apply to adopt a dog.