UPDATE: Homeowners not injured as fire guts Boone County home

Posted on 18 February 2018 at 10:53am

BOONE COUNTY - A fire destroyed a home on East Mount Hope Road early Sunday morning.

Boone County Fire Protection District captain Martina Pounds said crews arrived at 6861 E. Mount Hope Road around 6:13 a.m. to find fire coming though the roof.

Crews were at the scene for over five hours, but Pounds said the fire caused around $250,000 worth of damage. Pounds said crews declared the home a "total loss".

According to Boone County Fire District chief Scott Olsen, "The fire was so involved, it was difficult to put out."

Firefighters also faced a variety of difficulties combating the fire: remote location, narrow roads and lack of nearby hydrants.

"This isn't anything we haven't trained for, but it was definitely challenging," Olsen said.

While the homeowners escaped without injury, two of their pets died, one cat and one dog.

Olsen said the likely cause of the fire was a space heater the homeowners used to warm their pets at night.

"We suspect that the fire started on the back deck with a heat lamp that caught the deck on fire and ultimately broke through a window and into the house," Olsen said.

Olsen said if you are going to use a heating device, make sure to keep it at least three feet away from all flammable material.

Their smoke detectors alerted the homeowners to the fire. Olsen said having good smoke detectors is very important.

"Having working smoke detectors is critical to saving lives," Olsen said.