Governor Parson holds meeting with Missouri agriculture leaders

Posted on 12 July 2018 at 11:02am
Story image: Governor Parson holds meeting with Missouri agriculture leaders

COLUMBIA - Governor Mike Parson hosted a working dinner with some of Missouri's most important agricultural leaders late Wednesday night.

During the dinner, Parson and leaders discussed the need to maintain Missouri's strongest industry.

"Missouri farm and ranch families are the backbone of this state. In order to move Missouri agriculture forward, we need to find forward-thinking solutions, including expanding trade opportunities and exploring technology innovations as we look to tackle the drought that is affecting so many of our farmers." Parson reminded the agricultural leaders.

Governor Parson has been a longtime advocate towards the need for agriculture stemming from his childhood as a farmer in Southwest Missouri.

Dan Cassidy, Chief Administrative Officer of the Missouri Farm Bureau, said the dinner resonated well with the agricultural leaders, appealing to the base of Governor Parson's supporters.

"It is refreshing to know that we have one of our own in the Governor’s Mansion who clearly understands the challenges for every Missouri farm and ranch family. We appreciate the Governor’s leadership and vision to ensure that our next generation of farmers are prepared to feed the world."