Ragtag Cinema hosts World Cup watch party for free

Posted on 15 July 2018 at 8:53pm
Story image: Ragtag Cinema hosts World Cup watch party for free

COLUMBIA- Ragtag Cinema showed the World Cup Final against France and Croatia Sunday on its movie screens free of charge.

Ragtag has been showing World Cup games in its theatres since 2010 and said it has just been growing since then.

The theatre said it is great to see people of all nationalities supporting their teams.

“It’s great to see Mexican fans come out, Brazilian fans, Spanish fans, and Korean fans. It’s kind of this melting pot we have here. It’s a lot of fun people are really enjoying it,” Ragtag Operations Director Cory McCarter said.

McCarter said they have had some really good turnouts and there was only sitting and standing room left Sunday in the two theatres for the match

The showing is free of charge, but the theatre asks for donations to help pay for maintenance cost: specifically a new bulb.

Ragtag tag had shows Sunday so could only promise to have one theatre showing the soccer match the entire time.

“Hope it doesn’t go into overtime because we have movies to show in the small theatre, we might have a riot if you want to stick around,” McCarter said.