Construction begins on I-70 ramps in Rocheport

Posted on 10 August 2018 at 3:02am

ROCHEPORT - I-70 ramps near Rocheport will see a number of construction-related closures in the coming weeks.

The eastbound ramps at exit 115 will be closed Aug. 10 through 13. 

The westbound ramps will be closed overnight on Aug. 16 and 17, before being closed entirely through Aug. 20. 

The Highway BB overpass will be closed for repairs from Aug. 20 to Oct. 20. 

Management at Les Bourgeois Vineyard said this construction could affect its business during peak harvest season.

CEO of Les Bourgeois, Rachel Holman, said the construction comes at one of the busiest times of the year. 

"It's an extremely unfortunate time for us," she said. "We have harvest coming up and our business definitely picks up in the fall with kids and their parents coming back to school." 

MoDOT said the project was originally slated to begin Aug. 2 but it was pushed back a week because of scheduling conflicts. 

"Despite the delay, the project is still on target to be completed in October," it said in a press release. 

Holman said the delay was a blessing in disguise, especially because MoDOT is not posting an official detour route. 

“We had a little bit more time to put our communication plan together and to get our maps in order," she said. 

Les Bourgeois has a complete list of road closures, construction dates and detours on its website, complete with maps and visuals. 

Holman said, although the construction will be inconvenient, the Highway BB overpass "needs repairs desperately". 

Alternate routes include U.S. Highway 40, MO-240, Route 240 Spur and Routes O and J. 

The vineyard's suggested detour is along Old Rocheport Road. 

"What we decided to do is go for the easiest route, the most direct route for people to understand," Holman said. "Unfortunately, since we are here in Rocheport, that does include a gravel road."

Holman said the gravel road is safe for all vehicles, even trucks pulling trailers. 

"It’s a nice gravel road. It’s nice and wide and it’s not too rocky. It’s actually really quaint," she said. 

Holman said, while the construction can make it harder to get to the vineyard, it won't affect the quality of the Les Bourgeois experience. 

Holman recommends building an extra 10 or 15 minutes into travel time when visiting Rocheport this fall.