U.S Senate nominees talk tariffs with farmers

Posted on 10 August 2018 at 3:31pm
Story image: U.S Senate nominees talk tariffs with farmers

TEBBETS - Sen. Claire McCaskill and her November challenger, Josh Hawley, spoke to farmers Friday about tariffs and how they affect Missouri agriculture.

Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke at Smart Brothers Farm in Tebbets on Friday morning. McCaskill said every farmer she has spoken with told her they are worried about the tariffs. 

"The notion that the president could change his mind about the tariffs or that China could change his mind about the tariffs and then all of a sudden that market would recover is unrealistic," McCaskill said. 

McCaskill said there is a different way around this. 

"For one, we should unite all of our friends against China, not picking fights with everybody. We are picking a fight with Canada, we're picking a fight with Mexico, we're picking a fight with Europe, we are picking a fight with everybody," McCaskill said. "We have ways to enforce." 

McCaskill said she doesn't understand why the U.S. is borrowing $12 billion dollars from China, saying that essentially gives China more power over the U.S.

Hawley said he doesn't understand why McCaskill wouldn't support the aid from China. He spoke during his and McCaskill's appearance at a Missouri Farm Bureau PAC meeting.

"That just baffles me, I don't know why when our farmers are the focus of retaliation against China. I don't know why you would not say farmers deserve to be supported," Hawley said. 

Hawley said he has advocated with President Trump to continue to protect and to stand up for Missouri Farmers. But he added the position farmers are in right now is unacceptable for anybody. 

"Having markets shut down to our farmers is bad, having retaliation against our farmers is bad," said Hawley. "So farmers deserve support while they are being retaliated against, but of course it has got to be to open our markets."