Jefferson City Cub Scouts host outdoor event with activities

Posted on 22 September 2018 at 4:53pm
Story image: Jefferson City Cub Scouts host outdoor event with activities

JEFFERSON CITY - The Five Rivers District of Cub Scouts in Missouri hosted a event for its incoming members to learn about different outdoor activities.

District coordinator Kris Andrae said these events draw a large amount of children to them.

"In our district, we have about 500, but we only have about 100 scouts here today," he said.

Andrae said these events are a district activity and are open to any person involved with Cub Scouts.

Some of the events included archery, BB gun shooting and GaGa ball.

According to Andrae, GaGa ball is just like dodgeball, where people hit the ball at others to try to get them out.

Andrae says when it comes to BB guns and archery, it's important the scouts learn to use them safely.

"It's the only time they will get to use BB guns and bows and arrows because that has to be at a district event," he said. 

The goal for the scouts is not only to learn about outdoor activities, but also have fun.

"We want them to do a lot of fun things that get them excited about being in scouts," he said.

The next big event this group will be its box car derby race in October.