Hawley, McCaskill make final push ahead of Tuesday's election

Posted on 3 November 2018 at 8:50pm

COLUMBIA – Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and her Republican challenger, Attorney General Josh Hawley, both held campaign events on Saturday ahead of the election on Tuesday.

Hawley greeted a crowd in Columbia before making other stops, and McCaskill held to hold a get out to vote rally in Kansas City. 

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said he thinks Missourians are ready to make their Senate decision on Tuesday. He said he would be glad to have a partner in Washington with Hawley.

“Josh Hawley has connected with people in our state in an extraordinary way," Blunt said. "They have a sense of who he is, they have a sense of what he’s all about and they have an absolute understanding of who he’ll be when he gets to Washington and what he’ll do.” 

Blunt introduced Hawley as the next Missouri senator.

Hawley thanked his supporters for their help in his campaign and encouraged them to push through the final days before the election.

“I just want to thank you for what you’re doing, for going out, for being on the front lines, for taking your time, for making these connections because it changes people’s minds. Changing people’s minds gets them to the polls and that changes the direction of our country,” Hawley said.

He said Missouri is the deciding factor for which political party controls the U.S. Senate.

In Kansas City, McCaskill said her work is not done in Washington. 

"We've got messes to clean up. We've got rights to wrong," she said. 

McCaskill talked about voters rights, health care and social security. 

"We've got things we must do in terms of... making sure that people can still get insurance if they've had the nerve to get sick before," she said. 

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Kansas City, said "a lot is at stake" in Tuesday's election.

"We have got to get as much of our influence out and around to get her here for 6 more years," he said. 

When asked Saturday morning about a recent article by the Kansas City Star claiming Hawley’s current office is run by out-of-state campaign consultants, Hawley called it “patently, absurdly and totally false.”

“Nobody runs the AG office but me and I will stack my record as attorney general against Sen. McCaskill’s record in the United States Senate any day of the week and twice on Sundays,” he said.

Hawley said this is the “attack of the day” from Democrats.

“I don’t care what the liberal media writes. I don’t care what she says, what illegal tactics bow to. We are not going to be cowed, we are not going to back down and we are not going to be defeated,” he said.

McCaskill was in Columbia on Friday. 

She said she would expect to be criminally investigated if she were doing what the Kansas City Star reported Hawley has done. 

"There’s a bright line, and we all know where it is. You do not mix government work with political work. You never allow government resources to be bent to the will of what your political agenda is," she said. 

McCaskill's Facebook page indicated she would appear in St. Louis, Springfield and Columbia on Monday.

Hawley said he will travel the state during the next three days, including another rally with President Donald Trump on Monday in Cape Girardeau.