Neighborhood residents react to rapid snowfall

Posted on 11 January 2019 at 6:21pm
Story image: Neighborhood residents react to rapid snowfall

COLUMBIA – Neighborhoods in mid-Missouri were hit with serious snowfall Friday and residents were shocked by the how fast the snow built up. 

“I’ve never seen it snow this hard, this fast,” neighbor Jill Burke said.

Burke said she left work at noon when it was sleeting, but by the time she left the HyVee the ground was covered in snow. 

“It’s been snowing ever since,” she said.

Roads were slick and traffic was backed up with most drivers going well under the speed limit.

“I’m not about to drive really fast, stay as slow as possible,” Resident Mahmwda Chughtai said.

Cars were stuck in ditches along main and neighborhood roads while plowing trucks worked to clear the snow out of the streets.

“There was an accident,” Chugtai said. “Right down the road it was in the ditch.”

Although some residents were more excited about the snow than others, most agreed that they were planning on staying home for the weekend.

“I have stocked the kitchen and stocked the pantry, and we are ready to settle in for the weekend,” Burke said.