A Force on the Football Field and in the Weight Room

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By: Eric Blumberg

COLUMBIA - Austin Wuebbels' teammates on Missouri Tigers Football describe him as a headache, but it's a good thing. He hits so hard you get a headache after you are done seeing stars.

You notice the speed and the playmaking on the field, but you probably don't see Austin Wuebbels' strength in the trenches.

"I'll see him pulling around and I better be going 100 percent. I better be going full speed here or I'm going to get knocked out and every time I do I know it's a headache coming around, but I gotta do it," said teammate Andrew Wilson.

"With Austin you have to use a move every time you go against him cause if you don't use a move he's got you every time. He gets inside your chest I don't care what you do you're not getting away," added safety Dominique Hamilton.

Wuebbels has a way with blocking, but he's also a beast in the weight room.  "The first time he did over 40 reps on the 225 I was just looking at him like ‘is he still going'? He was killing it. It was unbelievable. He's a beast," said Wilson.

"You gotta have your mind right before you get under there. Wuebbels is a big guy and he blasted the weight. I saw him when he did it," said Kenji Jackson. "I can do 21 (reps). So, Austin doubles me which is kind of embarrassing that I say that now," said Wilson.

When it comes to lifting that much weight, that many times, there is strategy involved for Wuebbels and the rest of the team. "I just try to go as fast as I can. Just rep as much as I can in 30 seconds and then at the end just crank them out one by one."

"You try to get to 10 as quick as you can without breathing. I know that sounds crazy, but you just go 10 times real fast and after that you strategize," added Jackson.

The Strength could also help Wuebbels get a chance to play football professionally. "That's what I'm hoping. 225 is a big part in the (NFL) combine. I eventually want to break that combine record and get 50 by next year."

Wuebbels has his marketing degree in addition to his ability to bench press 500 pounds.

"He gets one good push on a guy and they're on their back. It's no coincidence he's doing it 45 times and he throws up about 500 pounds on the bench press" said receiver T.J. Moe

"I just want to be known as the strongest offensive Tiger there is," said Wuebbels.

Stephen Paea is the current combine record holder with 50 reps of 225 pounds earlier this year.

Among the strongest Tigers that might surprise you is T.J. Moe. Mizzou's undersized receiver can lift 225 pounds 29 times.

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