Automatic Car Starters Helping You Stay Warm

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By: Kimberly St. Onge

COLUMBIA - With the freezing temperatures and recent snow, some drivers were forced to spend time in the cold scrapping ice off their cars.

Automatic car starters are very popular this time of the year. Mechanics at Sound Performance are busy installing them.

"Nobody wants to get in a cold car when it's iced over in the morning or have to run out there because they forgot to start their vehicle or stand out there and scrape their windows," owner Marc Schumer says.

The remote allows you to start your car without going outside. A standard car starter requires you to be within an 800 to 1200 foot range. Higher end remotes allow you to start your car from up to three miles away.

It takes about 20 minutes for the car to reach a comfortable temperature and defrost.

"It will warm the interior vehicle up. It won't be completely warm but it's enough to dethaw the ice on your windshield," Schumer says.

Installing automatic car starters cost around 350 dollars.

A standard six cylinder car uses 2.8 cents worth of fuel each minute it idles.  That means during the 20 minute period it takes it defrost and warm up the car, you're spending less than 60 cents worth of gas to have a warm and defrosted car.  

"Most of the time if it's iced up you're going to have to start the car and let it run anyways to let that ice melt on there so if you really need it, it's not wasting any gas compared to what you're already doing," Schumer says.

Using an automatic car starter also has a safety value.

"A lot of people are in a rush when they get in their vehicle and their window's iced over so they'll get a small patch scraped and they're not going to be able to see traffic," he says. 

Manager Mike Waldrep says these aren't the only perks.

"A lot of them do turn the heated seats on and stuff in vehicles and they kinda work with the car so your seats are work and the windows are deiced."

More advanced automatic car starters allow you to do standard car commands from anywhere in the world.

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