COLUMBIA - A group of organizations shared an important message Monday: Black Lives Matter. 

The BOLD Academy, Central Missouri Community Action and Missouri Women's Business Center joined together Monday to sell Black Lives Matter yard signs. All of the proceeds from the signs will benefit The BOLD Academy.

The BOLD Academy was co-founded by Chrystal Graves-Yazici and Melita Walker. Graves-Yazici said the organization supports local black and brown girls. 

"So, the BOLD Academy stands for the black and brown opportunity leadership and development academy, which we co-founded in 2016," Graves-Yazici said. "Our goal is to empower, nurture, educate and uplift Black and Brown girls in the Columbia area, ages 12 to 17."

Graves-Yazici said the goal of the sale was to bring attention to the nationwide movement. She also said putting out a yard sign is just one way people can show support.

“So a great way to do it is by putting a yard sign just to show that you are in solidarity, "Graves-Yazici said. "Because I think at this point right now either. You are either with us or against us. So you have to take a side.”

To buy a sign, check out the event's Facebook page for more info. The next pick-up will be Wednesday and the signs are $5 each.