Dr. Eddie Adelstein took over as interim examiner, despite Rao's concerns. She said Adelstein was not qualified because he's not a board-licensed forensic pathologist. Adelstein said he has medical and veterinary degrees and is capable of handling the job, which he also held on an interim basis before the county hired Rao.

There seems to be no doubt about Stacy's qualifications. He's the chief of clinical pathology at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, where he's also a colonel and medical researcher. Stacy graduated from medical school at the University of Oklahoma. He'll be medical examiner for Boone and Callaway counties.

Boone County prosecutor Dan Knight was on the committee that hired Stacy. Knight said the committee picked him because of Stacy's experience and professional and interpersonal skills. Knight also said lack of interpersonal skills was a factor in Rao's troubles in the medical examiner's office and in the O'Neil investigation.

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