Columbia Public Schools will decide make up snow days in coming weeks

COLUMBIA - Thursday marks the seventh snow day for Columbia Public Schools.

CPS has six snow days built into its schedule. But once those days are gone, the district has to add days to the calendar to meet state requirements.

CPS spokesperson Michelle Baumstark said the calendar will not be finalized for another month.

"As soon as winter is over, the board of education will consider any calendar adjustments that need to be made" Baumstark said. "By March 1st, we try to make a decision."

A new state law that came into effect for the 2019-2020 school year, dictating that schools must be in session a minimum 1,044 hours of instruction. If school gets cancelled because of weather, then there are different options for schools to get those hours back.

The law allows districts to make each school day slightly longer to gradually add those hours back, add days to the end of the year or add a fifth day if the district uses four-day weeks.

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