Construction on new Columbia hospital set to begin

COLUMBIA – A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon for a new 72-bed mental health facility in Columbia.

It will provide psychiatric and substance abuse treatment for people of all ages in the mid-Missouri region.

The CenterPointe Hospital of Columbia aims to create a home-like facility for patients to help change the stigma around mental health and mental health facilities.

Buddy Turner, CenterPointe CEO, said it will be the only private freestanding psychiatric facility in Columbia. 

"We’ll be providing both inpatient and outpatient services on campus," Turner said. "The outpatient services will have physicians available, as well as therapists, the inpatient setting will be for adolescents and adults who are experiencing acute issues with their mental and behavioral health.”

Mark Stringer, Missouri Department of Mental Health Director, said there are not enough resources like CenterPointe in the community. 

“People with serious mental illness and people with substance disorders just too often wind up in jails. They’ll wind up in emergency rooms, hospitals, places where they just don’t belong because there is not a place for them to go," Stringer said. "This will create a place.”

The $21 million facility will be located on International Drive.  

The project is funded by CenterPointe Hospital and will eventually employ 200 people.

Construction will start in the next few weeks and the facility hopes to open in 2018.






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