Boone County's hospital status changed on Monday from yellow to green for the first time since June 29.

According to the Boone County COVID-19 Information Hub, green level indicates hospitals are functioning within their licensed bed capacity and are accepting patient referrals from other hospitals.

Yellow status signifies hospitals are postponing non-emergency patient transfers because of a lack in capacity or staffing for more than two consecutive days, as well as delaying non-emergency procedures. 

The health care system capacity cannot have a green level status if there is more than one yellow-level hospital or any red-level hospitals in the area.

“We are continually monitoring our bed availability, which fluctuates throughout the day based on admissions and discharges, etc.,” said MU Health Care spokesperson Eric Maze in a statement. “We have the flexibility to shift resources to create additional space for patients if needed.”

Maze said MU Health Care is continuing to see pressure on its capacity due to COVID-19 hospitalizations while also helping other patients with illnesses.

“At this time, we have 69 patients either diagnosed with or recovering from COVID-19 in our hospitals. Of those patients, 15 are in an ICU,” he said.

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